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All about creating abundance by gardening!

   Jun 18

Welcome to the Love of Gardening Club!

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Beauty Abounds!

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Abundance Abounds!

Reaching out to folks, sharing tips and inspiration to keep you growing in your garden!

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I’ve always had a garden,no matter where I lived.There was the backyard gardens of my youth, the large farm gardens,container gardening when space was an issue.Now I have a variety of garden styles in different areas of my acreage where I grow an abundance of fruits and vegetables for good wholesome eating!

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Creating Abundance can start with reading a book,gathering knowledge from the internet or having a mentor to guide you .

For mentoring to get you where you want to be  go to

Share with us something about your garden or how you create abundance in your life in the reply box below.


  1. Sharron says:

    I think this a wonderful site. I have always wanted to have a container garden

  2. Sharita Star says:

    Absolutely wonderfully and informative! What a wonderful resource for those who get such pleasure out of nurturing the very food they eat! A few tips I have learned over the years aligning with what i do as well.

  3. This is wonderful. I would LOVE for you to be a guest blogger at my site. Let me know if you have any interest. Send email with “Guest Blogger from List Builder.”

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