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   Dec 29

Flower Power. You never need a special reason to use it. Now will do just fine!

During these dark days of winter it’s lovely to brighten your day with a bouquet. Here’s a delightful article to brighten your day too! I was at the grocery store the other day; you know, the Shaw’s Market at Porter Square, Cambridge. My helper Aime Joseph was doing his usual efficient job of unloading the […]

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   Dec 22

Got last minute Christmas Shopping?- Check these Digital Ideas out!

The great thing about Digital Products is that they can be purchased online and delivered immediately! Check out these ideas – The Gift that keeps on Giving – The Abundance by Gardening Series Go to: Home and Garden section at Clickbank – Go to: Kindle Books  from the #1 source of Amazon Kindle Books […]

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   Dec 22

The Joy of Celebrating Winter Solstice

Celebrating Winter Solstice – with the return of the Light! Passing on some of that Joy to You! Here in my Zone 2 area it is particularly delightful to know that the days will begin to get longer now. I first really notice that the light has returned when the color starts to come back […]

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   Dec 21

Starting my Garden Review with a short Video – Enjoy!

At the end of the year I like to review my garden. Here’s a brief glimpse of some of my gardens- Part 1 of my Review Scenes From My Garden with commentary I use many gardening styles- Lasagne Gardening, Wide Row Gardening,Micro Climate Gardening, Permaculture Gardening and Container Gardening. Watch for Parts 1,2,3,4 and 5 […]

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   Dec 18

A tip that could save you some heart ache!

You happily prepare your soil and plant all your seeds giving them lots of TLC but nothing is happening! Here is a tip that could save you that heart ache by letting you know if those seeds you  planted were  any good! Before you plant or put your purchase order in for new seeds do […]

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   Dec 15

Do you have a Gardener or would be Gardener on your list? Give a Gift that keeps on Giving!

Give a Gift that keeps on Giving! Teach them to Garden and they have the ability to produce healthy Food for Life! Give an Abundance By Gardening Package.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Hourly,monthly or seasonal with prices from the $15 – $600.00 Get yours NOW at  

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   Dec 11

Teach a Man to Garden and You Feed Him for Life – The Gift of Gardening!

FOR YOUR FREE GARDENING CONSULTATION ($35.00 VALUE) CALL ME! PATRICE PORTER PH#306 469-5741 SKYPE pat.porter31 A seed is a most wonderful thing. All the makings of a fully mature plant is contained in this one small package.Give it the right conditions,some tender loving care and your on your way to producing the wholesome nutritious food […]

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   Dec 07

Reviewing this past Gardening Season – Wide Row Gardening

As I review the past gardening season I look at what I was experimenting with – wide row gardening. It worked great for some things like this arugula,also lettuce,rhubarb chard and spinach. I did patch sowing of carrots and that worked fine and also a large patch of peas that was great! I tried some […]

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   Dec 06

Winter, a great time for reviewing the past gardening season!

My gardens are all put to bed for the winter. It’s  a quiet and reflective time. Great for reviewing and thinking about changes and improvements for next growing season. I’ve been experimenting with wide row gardening,establishing a permaculture garden space and working with micro climates in my garden.Plus all the tweaking I want to do […]

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