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   Jan 31

More from Des Kennedy

Des Kennedy -Listed on my page of inspiring gardens and gardeners  Go to: with an informative flick. Food – Reinventing The World series (Bullfrog Films clip) Directed by David Springbett and Heather MacAndrew Produced by Asterisk Productions, Ltd Host and Narrator: Des Kennedy This program asks: how can we design … Read more …

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   Jan 25

National Seed Swap Day

Seed swaps are events where gardeners meet to exchange seeds. Swapping can be arranged online or by mail,[1] especially when participants are spread out geographically. Swap meet events, where growers meet and exchange their excess seeds in person, are also growing in popularity. In part this is due to increased interest in organic gardening and […]

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   Jan 25

Here’s a good read for your weekend!

Enjoy here or download it off Scribd at:   Flower Power – Never Underestimate the Power of Beauty! Vol.1

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   Jan 22

Get out your seeds and check the starting dates – It may be sooner then you think!

Southern areas your starting dates for some of your seeds may have already arrives! To determine the  date for starting your seeds indoors  check the seed packs for how many weeks to start before setting them out. Some will only be 3-4 weeks like cucumbers whereas peppers are 8 weeks. A great chart that will […]

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   Jan 18

Have you had some seeds around for some time – Check out this Life Expectancy Chart

If you’re not too sure about the viability of some of your seeds, Do a germination test on them. Go to to find out how. Approximate life expectancy of vegetable seeds stored under favorable conditions.(cool and dry) Vegetable Years Vegetable Years Asparagus 3 Kohlrabi 3 Bean 3 Leek 2 Beet 4 Lettuce 6 Broccoli […]

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   Jan 09

Seed Catalogs are arriving! Want more seed sources to fill that list? Read on

Seed catalogs are coming in! I love pursing through the different seed catalogs. Some,like Richters,  are so informative. Richter’s has any herb you can think of listed with information about their uses etc  right in their catalog! I’m a member of Seeds of Diversity which is dedicated to conserving the biodiversity and traditional knowledge of […]

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   Jan 06

A Good Winter Read as we start to plan our Summer Gardens

‘…. there’s nothing so good for a pobble’s toes.’ The comfort and friendship of amiable lavender.   Author’s note. To set the mood for this article, be sure to search any search engine for “Ladies in Lavender”, composer Nigel Hess, violinist Joshua Bell, recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, 2004. It is based on a […]

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