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   Sep 08

Super Harvest Moon Tonight! Check It Out and Learn More About It Here

I’m going to be out checking out the SUPER HARVEST MOON how about you? I imagine there will be some farmers out harvesting too since it’s the Harvest Moon. Check out  Gardening by the Moon Calendar post at: Find out more about this moon. Read on… The last of the summer supermoons: Watch out […]

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   Sep 04

For the Best Plants Keep the Best Seeds. Learn More Tips in a Complete Guide to Vegetable Seed Saving Video

Take a tour of a lovely lush garden and learn the secrets to saving vegetable seeds. Very thorough and informative. The complete guide, vegetable seed saving Watch more videos on saving seeds at: Work with Nature The best resource book I’ve found for saving seeds is “Seed to Seed”. Get a Copy Here

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   Sep 03

Store the Harvest Properly and You Can Enjoy It Long After The Garden Has Been Put To Bed. Here’s How

Once I get the harvest in from the garden I want to make sure I store it properly to be able to enjoy it on into the winter. Here’s a great article giving detailed instructions on how to store some of the more common crops. Read on… Food Storage: 20 Crops That Keep and How […]

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