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   Jun 29

Aahh! The weeds are starting to take over and they most certainly will. Here’s 5 Strategies for a Weed-Free Garden

chores in garden

It doesn’t take long for the weeds to start moving in! Be Prepared

If you’re anything like me, you love to garden not only for the amazing nutrient-dense food that a garden provides your family and community, but also for the beauty and wonder of the garden.  Weeds are not only competition for the nutrients and water that food plants need, but they can also take away from the aesthetic that we’re trying to create.

I actually don’t dislike weeding – I find it very meditative – but I don’t enjoy creating more work for myself than necessary.  So I’ve found a few ways to minimize weeds in the garden.

Click to get 5 Strategies for a Weed-Free Garden

My favorite weeding tool is the Winged Weeder.

With a Winged Weeder I can reach into tiny spots, get in between close planted plants and it allows me to cut weed both with a forward and a backward motion

Get yours Here:

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