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   Jul 13

Ahh! Those Pests are Eating My Garden! No Need to Fret! Here is a Helpful Pest Control Chart and Video

There is nothing more disheartening then to come to the garden and find it infested with pests! Here’s a video with ways to prevent that and methods of treating pests. Then a guide to organic pest control with 11 organic pest control products along with other no-spray options to help control the 26 most common garden pests. Using organic controls along with hand picking and row covers to exclude the critters can go a long way towards preventing crop destruction – from our friends at Mother Earth News.

Organic Pest Control – End Problems with Bugs Forever in Your Garden

This guide to organic pest control shares 11 products that are guaranteed to fend off the 26 most common garden pests, including Japanese Beetles, Squash Bugs and Hornworms. Garden insects that damage your vegetable crops can be controlled.

Guide to Organic Pest Control

Sharp-eyed handpicking and trapping can control many garden pests, but not every insect battle can be won with hand-to-hand combat. Instead, you may need an intervention plan that affects the pest, yet causes little or no harm to natural predators and beneficial life-forms that live in your garden. This is where organic pest control products can come to the rescue. To help you match the best products with each pest, we’ve organized our guide in two ways — by pest and by remedy. Read through the Organic Remedies for Garden Pests table and then bring yourself up to date on cures with “Top 11 Organic Pest Control Products” . The information in the table and the text is based on current recommendations from sustainable agricultural research centers throughout North America.

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