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   Mar 04

For Your Shopping Pleasure – a complete home and garden section in our CB Store

Visit the Home and Garden section at our Clickbank Store – > I’ve choosen some very good products to share with you: FOOD4WEALTH – Step by step Instructional book and Video to Grow all your Food Needs – Go to: Click Here!               IDEAS4LAND – A Complete Landscaping […]

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   Mar 03

Wild Farm – “….the boundary between…tame and wild, exists only in the imperfections of the human mind” – Aldo Leopold

“….the boundary between…tame and wild, exists only in the imperfections of the human mind” – Aldo Leopold Wait! People ask when I say I am starting a wild farm: isn’t that an inherent contradiction? Isn’t “wild” the opposite of “farmed”? An Article from Foodtank at: Every farm exists in a wild landscape, and is […]

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   Feb 25

Herb Gardens of any size is our Link to the Great Walled Santuaries of long ago! Recipe Included

“Herbs exist in our minds as well as our gardens. Our balcony or backyard herb garden, no matter how small or simple is our link to the great walled sanctuaries of long ago. In the herb garden problems seem easier to solve, life is gentler and a sense of balance can be maintained. In the […]

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   Feb 19

Remember the Honeybee when planning for your Gardens

  When planning your gardens remember to include some plants that bees love to attract them into your gardens to get better pollination and help out our honey bee population.Make sure they are grown free of any pesticides. Here’s a starting list: Borage, hyssop, salvia, mints, thyme, beebalm(monarda), sunflowers, butterflyweed, asters, scabiosa, bachelor buttons, cleome. […]

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   Feb 14

A Valentine for You!

No Valentines today? What did you do to deserve them? Two penguins have some advice for you… and so do I!   Today, February 14, 2014, is Valentine’s Day. Millions of people worldwide will participate in this essential rite of love which usually involves men standing in lines for hours at expensive candy shops and […]

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   Feb 10

Love Swiss Chard – It’s such a great keeper! Recipe for Tomato,Bean and Swiss Chard Soup.

Swiss Chard is tough, nutritious and also beautiful! The newer Bright Lights and Rainbow Chard look great growing in your flower beds! My favorite is the Rhubarb Chard. It doesn’t grow as big as the regular chard and is very much like beet tops. I love using it in my green smoothies! Recipe at: […]

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   Feb 09

A Good Sunday Read –

Here’s a good read for a quiet Sunday. – Flower Power – Never Underestimate the Power of Beauty Vol.2

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   Feb 02

Waiting for the Harbingers of Spring,Crocuses, We Embrace Them in Prose.

Thoughts on the plucky crocus… determined, colorful, the harbinger of spring. We need to know you better.   For over 60 years my dreary mid February days have been graced by a small visitor about whom I, too slothful and sadly oblivious, have known too little. Abashed, this year I decided, belatedly, to greet my […]

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   Feb 02

Come,Get to Know Me

Just a short Introductory video for those of you who have never met me yet. Call me, Patrice Porter, for a FREE Gardening Consultation 1(306)469-5741

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   Feb 01

The Months in My Garden – January

My Gardens are all tucked under a couple of feet of snow in January giving good insulation to my perennials and a promise of lots of moisture for the spring growth. My plans are all done up. I’ve tested some of my older seeds for the germination rate and put in my seed orders. I’ve […]

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