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   Jul 01

Easy Instant Garden in a Jar!

No garden space,no time or just want to get some instant greens happening – try sprouting seeds. It’s simple. Follow these steps using a clear glass jar for a container –

1.Soak Your Seeds – Soak your seeds in warm water for about 24 hours, smaller seeds can be soaked for 6-12 hours.

2.Drain – The next day you will need to drain the jar. Use a cheesecloth or screen covering  to drain the water and keep all your seeds.

3.Place Jar Away From Light – Set jar  away from light in a warm place. Give proper airflow and drainage.  Jar should be place with a slight downward angle to drain

4.Rinse – Everyday you will need to rinse your seeds, drain them and put them back into the angled position. Rinsing your seeds 2-3 times a day is recommended for most types of seeds. By the 3-5 day your sprouts should be ready for the next step.

5.Put  in the sun – The final step to your sprouts is exposing them to sun for a few hours a day.

6.Harvest  – Usually harvest when you see green leaves starting to appear or the larger seeds like beans and nuts you just see a white shoot. This site has great info on when to harvest different seed types


Share with us some of your experiences with sprouting in the comment box below.

Some of the most popular sprouts to grow and eat are alfalfa, mung beans, sunflower, peas, wheat, radish, barley, lentils, broccoli and others. What are some of your favorites?

How do you usually use sprouts?

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