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   Mar 27

Gardenscape and Garden Shows – Great places to Catch some Spring plus catch up on what’s happening in the Garden Scene.

GardenscapeMake it a point of catching one of your local Garden Shows. I’m off for my yearly visit to Gardenscape. This year I’m in need of some Spring as it’s been very cold here with no sign of spring outside.

It’s such a delight to walk into the Display Halls and be greeted with the smell of hyacinths and the bright colors of the tulips and daffodils!

You can get a glimpse of what’s new for the upcoming gardening season and there’s some great speakers to inspire you!

This year Lyndon Penner and Sara Williams will be the Featured Speakers at Gardenscape. I’m looking forward to hearing both of them speak.

There will be follow up to this posting with pictures and my take away from this event when I return. Be sure to check back in at



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