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   Jan 09

Seed Catalogs are arriving! Want more seed sources to fill that list? Read on

Seed catalogs are coming in! I love pursing through the different seed catalogs. Some,like Richters,  are so informative. Richter’s has any herb you can think of listed with information about their uses etc  right in their catalog!

I’m a member of Seeds of Diversity which is dedicated to conserving the biodiversity and traditional knowledge of food crops and garden plants. They have a huge seed library and directory. Great place to learn about seed saving.

Check it out at:

A great book for seed saving is Seeds to Seeds –


I found a great tool on searching for seed varieties on Mother Earth News site at:
Seed Swaps are a great place to exchange seeds. You can do it online at places like or do a Google search for Seedy Saturdays or Sunday Seeds and find out if there is one of those events happening in your area.

National Seed Swap Day is on Jan 25th
I’ll be having seed swaps with all the members of the Keep On Growing Garden Club. Jan 25 2pm CST in our Online Meeting Room. Check your emails for details!

Not a member of the club yet? Go to

Remember to go to for help growing all those seeds!

Seedy Saturdays are held through out the country. Do a search to find one in your area.

Enjoy a brief tour of the Seedy Saturday held in Saskatoon,Saskatchewan

or Go to:

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