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   Jul 25

The Cucumbers are Producing! Now what to do with them? Tips and Recipes

I love biting into a fresh picked cucumber (the flavor is quite different then ones that have been stored in the fridge) and I use a lot of them. Some recipes I use are to follow these tips on harvesting your cucumbers. Cucumber Harvest: Learn When And How To Harvest Cucumbers  By Bonnie L. Grant […]

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   Jan 22

Get out your seeds and check the starting dates – It may be sooner then you think!

Southern areas your starting dates for some of your seeds may have already arrives! To determine the  date for starting your seeds indoors  check the seed packs for how many weeks to start before setting them out. Some will only be 3-4 weeks like cucumbers whereas peppers are 8 weeks. A great chart that will […]

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