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   Jul 29

Found a Mystery Berry – Is it Edible? Here’s Great Sources with Pictures to Indentify These Mystery Berries

I love to forage from the wilds and know many of the edible berries but every once in awhile I’ll run into an interesting berry and wonder if it’s edible. Here’s some great sources, thanks to Julie Christensen at Gardening Channel, to help me properly identify them: Types of Berries with Pictures: Where to Find […]

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   Sep 05

Blueberry season is here!

Blueberries are one of my favorite berries! Here is a recipe for Instant  Blueberry Pudding Blend well: 2cups fresh blueberries 1 bananna 11/2 cups water Optional- for more nutrition add 1 stalk of celery The thing about blending fresh blueberries is that they set up and become firm for an instant pudding! Here is a […]

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