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   Mar 04

For Your Shopping Pleasure – a complete home and garden section in our CB Store

Visit the Home and Garden section at our Clickbank Store – > I’ve choosen some very good products to share with you: FOOD4WEALTH – Step by step Instructional book and Video to Grow all your Food Needs – Go to: Click Here!               IDEAS4LAND – A Complete Landscaping […]

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   Dec 22

Got last minute Christmas Shopping?- Check these Digital Ideas out!

The great thing about Digital Products is that they can be purchased online and delivered immediately! Check out these ideas – The Gift that keeps on Giving – The Abundance by Gardening Series Go to: Home and Garden section at Clickbank – Go to: Kindle Books  from the #1 source of Amazon Kindle Books […]

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   Oct 03

‘Yes, we have no bananas.’ At the farmers market, Cambridge, first fall Sunday, 2013. ‘Our raspberries are delicious. Very delicious.. But we have no bananas today.’

Farmers Markets are a great asset to any community.Here’s some shopping tips to help you get the most from your shopping experience. This article was written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author’s program note. Queen Mary of England and all the dominions beyond the seas, wife of that most stolid of sovereigns, King George V, was […]

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