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   Jun 30

Wide Row Gardening for Intensive Gardening

I started experimenting with wide row gardening after listening to Lois Hole speaking and encouraging us to try it. I started with patches of carrots and patches of lettuce. I picked up the book “Garden Way’s Joy of Gardening” and became totally inspired to do more wide row gardening adding huge pea patches,arugula and rhubarb […]

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   Dec 21

Starting my Garden Review with a short Video – Enjoy!

At the end of the year I like to review my garden. Here’s a brief glimpse of some of my gardens- Part 1 of my Review Scenes From My Garden with commentary I use many gardening styles- Lasagne Gardening, Wide Row Gardening,Micro Climate Gardening, Permaculture Gardening and Container Gardening. Watch for Parts 1,2,3,4 and 5 […]

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   Dec 07

Reviewing this past Gardening Season – Wide Row Gardening

As I review the past gardening season I look at what I was experimenting with – wide row gardening. It worked great for some things like this arugula,also lettuce,rhubarb chard and spinach. I did patch sowing of carrots and that worked fine and also a large patch of peas that was great! I tried some […]

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