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All about creating abundance by gardening!

   Dec 11

Teach a Man to Garden and You Feed Him for Life – The Gift of Gardening!

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A seed is a most wonderful thing. All the makings of a fully mature plant is contained in this one small package.Give it the right conditions,some tender loving care and your on your way to producing the wholesome nutritious food so necessary for a healthy life.
Have you ever looked at the wonderment of a young child when they see the first green shoots appearing from those carefully planted seeds.Guide them to care and nourish those young plants and they will have that great pleasure of picking there own fruits and vegetables.
Believe me food tastes so much better when you grow it yourself! There is nothing like a fresh vine ripened tomato or fresh garden peas! Plus the knowledge gained and confidence that you can feed yourself. Teach a child or grown up to grow their own food and you open the doors to accessibility of delicious, nutritious food that can lead to a lifetime of healthy eating!
As an avid gardener and educator it is my greatest joy to share with others the gift of gardening! It gives me great pleasure to know I have taught them something that can a lifelong effect!
The next time you see a package of garden seeds, pick them up, read the directions and have a go at gardening!

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