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   May 03

Things to do in the Garden for May

chores in garden May Gardening Tips and Chores

Spring months are very important when it comes to our gardens, the more we do now the more we’ll be able to enjoy in the summer months.  All of that said, read on if you’d like to hear about some of what I’m doing in the garden this month.


  • All beds should be cleaned of debris, edged, weeded, and mulched by months end.
  • As early blooming perennials fade, you can dig, divide, and transplant them.
  • Begin mowing, and for best results consult this site for grass height recommendations.
  • Moisten and turn that compost pile if you have one.
  • Deadhead spring blooming bulbs, but leave the foliage until it turns yellow for the bulb to feed on.


  • Be sure all dead, diseased, or weak braches, as well as any “suckers” or crossing branches that you see.
  • Prune back your early spring flowering bushes when the blooms fade.
  • Keep up on “pinching back” your late summer and fall blooming perennials.


  • Plant and transplant perennials.
  • Plant summer annuals after the threat of frost hast past.
  • Finish overseeding, and seeding bare spots in your lawn.
  • You can sow hardy vegetables directly in your garden soil, but be sure to harden off your other vegetables until months end.

More Spring Garden Chores

1.  Clear out debris:  Tackle those old plants you never got around to pulling out.  Remove pine cones and sticks that may have fallen during the winter. Make sure no stray rocks have turned up the will get in the way during planting.

2.  Fix broken garden beds.  Whether you are replacing rotten wood or rebuilding rock walls, things have a tendency to shift during the winter to make sure you get a strong foundation for your garden bed before adding new soil.

3.  Till and amend the soil.  You don’t have to till the soil deeply…there is actually some debate as to whether that is actually beneficial to soil health.  Just turn it over a little bit as you add new compost or manure to your garden.  Preparing the garden soil is probably one of the most important spring garden chores since it will have a direct impact on the health of your plants.

4.  Inspect your tools.  Make sure your tools aren’t rusty, your hose doesn’t have holes and your basket handles are firmly attached to your basket.  Having your produce fall all over the ground because the basket breaks is not fun!


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