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   Jun 30

Wide Row Gardening for Intensive Gardening

arugala ready to harvestpea patchI started experimenting with wide row gardening after listening to Lois Hole speaking and encouraging us to try it.

I started with patches of carrots and patches of lettuce.

I picked up the book “Garden Way’s Joy of Gardening” and became totally inspired to do more wide row gardening adding huge pea patches,arugula and rhubarb chard.



Get a copy of “Garden Way’s Joy of Gardening” Here:

Here’s some other gardener’s experiences

Wide Row Vegetable Garden Beds » Harvest to Table Fri, 02 Mar 2012 20:00:30 GMT

A wide garden row is ideal for growing leaf and small root crops. For easy planting and maintenance grow lettuce, spinach, radishes, and carrots in rows the width of a standard 15-inch bow rake. A wide row also can be used for medium-sized crops such as cabbages, bush beans, and eggplants grown two across.

Wide rows are ideal for very small-seeded vegetables—seeds that are more easily broadcast than sown tiny seed by tiny seed. Unlike single rows, wide rows allow for a greater harvest from less space.

While plants may not grow in a series of straight rows with workspace on each side for the gardener, wide rows–about the width of your arm–will allow for intensive planting. Intensive planting or cropping places multiple crops in the same bed; you can grow more crops in one bed saving on space and labor and increasing yield.

Read on to learn How to create and care for a wide row garden bed:

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Wide Row Raised Bed Gardening-The perfect plan for the lazy Sun, 27 Jan 2008 08:00:00 GMT

Rather than plant single straight rows in your garden, try planting wide rows. Several advantages are listed below along with some general instructions for creating wide rows. You’ll get more yield in less space, and your garden will require less maintenance.

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